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26 March 2004, 12:20 PM in Weblogs
He who dares to teach must never cease to learn. - Richard Henry Dann.

I'm a student teacher studying B. Teaching Secondary at UWS. This site is where I'm going to put up useful resources for teaching (especially in my subject areas of computing & maths) and also post some information & comments about teaching, pedagogy, the university experience and a bit on the politics involved in teaching.

Great expectations are placed on teachers, and not only for educating. The expectation is that a teacher will be part social worker, part sports coach, part counselor and part manager. And in the middle of all that, they're still expected to teach something.

As one of my lecturers continually reminds us, teaching is political; it's about shaping and defining knowledge & truth in the minds of students. It's also about enabling those same students to have the ability to discover and determine knowledge and truth for themselves.

There's also the party politics that surround teaching: the public vs. private schools debate (not to mention home schooling), funding issues, curriculum & syllabus debates and values. All of this is important to take into account when teaching and as a new student teacher these things take on great importance to me & my classmates. I hope to highlight some of these issues here, and see what the media has to say about them too, mostly for my own reference, but also for anyone else out there who has an interest in education within Australia.

This blog supersedes my previous site News of the day.

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