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Classroom technology in NSW schools

17 April 2004, 11:20 AM in Classroom Technology, Education Funding

As computing is my main teaching method, the IT facilities that are available in classrooms is an issue that's fairly important to me. As such, the current situation in most NSW schools, especially public schools is a bit worrying. I'm not all that familiar with other states, so they may be better or worse.

In Australia, education has generally been fairly slow to pick up on technology, which is a little strange because on a whole, Australians are quick to adopt technology - we love new gadgets! Education seems to be an exception to this rule however. A vast number of schools are working with computing technology that's close to a decade old: Windows 95 or 98 and various hardware, most of which is equally as old. Schools are trying to use software like AutoCAD, Corel Graphics Suite and Adobe PageMaker and the computers simply can't keep up. Either the programs take minutes to load, or they regularly crash and/or loose data due to the lack of memory and processing power in the computers. Not to mention that a lot of new software requires Windows XP, and most schools don't have it (or have limited numbers of it). Schools are able to get software at academic pricing and seem to be able to get good application software, but it seems to be the hardware that's letting everything down.

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