Aboriginal Education

Sport to assist in Indigenous education

13 April 2004, 11:49 AM in Aboriginal Education

National junior vice-president of the Australian Labor Party, Warren Mundine has said that by funding sport in schools, more Aboriginal kids will want to go to, and stay in, school.

"Some of the things we're looking at is how to tie sport into academic achievement and education for Aboriginal kids," Mr Mundine said.

"One of the things we identified is why are there lots of Aboriginal kids out on the streets on the weekend and one of the reasons is the expense of sport now."

Top idea. If sport is what interests the kids, make school sport more available. Education will help break the poverty cycle that many of these kids find themselves in. If given opportunities and the ability to discover that they have potential, these kids will have a much better chance of not falling into the alcoholism and abusive situations that plague some communities.

The PM has said that the federal government has set aside more than $2 million for Indigenous education and training over the next four years. The question is who is going to administer this money, and what will it be spent on? As the appalling health and housing situations in central Australia demonstrate, just throwing around large sums of money does nothing. It needs to be directed towards where it will help the most and run by accountable people who actually care about the kids involved.

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