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Traumatising students for politics

21 May 2004, 12:31 PM in Current Affairs

Three teachers in California schools have been suspended for showing the video of the decapitation of US civilian Nick Berg.

Gina Grossini, an art teacher at the El Capitan High School in Lakeside, California, told students: "That's what we get for being in a war we shouldn't be in"

The video has apparantly been used by both sides of the political fence

At Villa Park High School in California, English teacher Stephen Arcudi justified showing the video by saying atrocities are occurring on both sides in the Iraq war.

Now I don't care what reasons you give, there is absolutely no justification for showing this video to kids. They simply will not be able to deal with it and it may well traumatise them permanently. This kind of political soap-boxing at the expense of our kids is simply beyond the pale.

The video itself is a demonstration of the barbarity of Islamic Terrorism, but while the event itself can and should be discussed with students, the images and sound from the video do not need to be shown.

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New Mozilla Thunderbird version

8 May 2004, 9:42 AM in Web/Tech

On an unrelated topic, there's a new version of Mozilla Thunderbird available. This is the Mozilla foundation's free, open-source mail program that puts Outlook Express to shame.

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Teaching graphics to year 9

8 May 2004, 9:17 AM in Teaching Computing

Well, I'm now two weeks into my 1st four-week teaching prac. Things are going well, I've got a year 7 metalwork class (actually, I'm just teaching them how to use CAD), and a year 9 computing class doing graphics and year 10 computing class doing DTP. They're all pretty good kids, except when you get them on last double period Friday!

On that, does anyone have any good links to info on teaching graphics to year 9s (~ 14-15 year olds). I've got to teach them theory, but I'm looking for some activities that can give them some theory knowledge without having to just write heaps in their books. Any and all info is appreciated.

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