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Accessibility Statement

This site has been designed with accessibility in mind. All pages except for those with reader comments on them conform to priority 1, 2 & 3 of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the U.S. Government's Section 508 Guidelines. The pages with reader comments conformed when they were first written, but heaven help them now.

Keyboard Shortcuts

This site uses keyboard shortcuts to jump to specific parts of this site. On Windows, use the ALT Key combined with the number shown in the following list, on Macintosh use the Control key.

Design & Layout

  1. The font typeface specified for this site is Verdana (on ~79.45% of computers), failing that Arial (on ~90.30% of computers), then failing that simply sans-serif. Which means it should look like it's supposed to on just about every computer on the planet. The font size is set to the 'small' keyword which is approximately 13px on a standard display, but you can adjust the size to whatever you want using your browser's font-size options (In IE go to 'View' -> 'Text Size').
    (Font stats from Codestyle, compiled by Mark Stanton on the Web Standards Group Mailing List)
  2. All layout & style information for this site is contained within a stylesheet. If your browser does not display stylesheets, all content should still be accessible.
  3. Media specific style sheets are implemented on this site. The print stylesheet strips out the menus, navigational structure and extraneous colour to make printing easier. To see the effect of this stylesheet, do a print preview if your browser will allow it.

Navigational Aids

  1. All blog post pages have relative links included in their head informatrion. Text-only browsers & screen-readers can make use of this, and browsers like Mozilla & Opera can also display this information as an additional navigational toolbar.
  2. On browsers that correctly render CSS 3, any links that point off this site have a small icon (External Link) after them to indicate that they are an external link. The 'Quick Links' and 'External Links' sections are exempt from this rule as they are external links by definition.
  3. Many links have 'title' attributes which provide additional information about the link. These will be displayed if the link is hovered over with the cursor in a standard browser, or may be used by text-only browsers or screen-readers to provide addditional context to the link.
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