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January 23, 2004

Most Addictive.Flash Game.Ever

Yeti penguin baseball, it's is disturbingly addictive. If you can do better than 321.5 let me know!

Update: there's a souped-up version that hit's the penguin further.

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January 14, 2004

Adding Feeddemon to Internet Explorer

Feeddemon is a great RSS Aggregator program by Nick Bradbury. Regular readers will already know that I love this program (Download trial version). One thing that would be great that was mentioned on the FeedDemon support forums, is a way to integrate FeedDemon into Internet Explorer, so that you could easily add a feed from a site into FeedDemon. Conveniently, I have a way to do this, shown below. This procedure will add an option to the Internet Explorer "context menu", or the menu that comes up when you right-click on something. This option will send the address of what you've selected to FeedDemon to be added to it's list of RSS Feeds.

UPDATE:The procedure described below is now probably unnecessary, as Neil Jones from Codeforge has taken this idea & run with it. He's created an installer program that you just need to run that will create the context menu for you, no copying files, no registry editing. Brilliant stuff Neil!

For those still interested in the manual option, read on:

Manual Process

Requirements for this to work:

  1. FeedDemon (duh!)
  2. Windows 95 or higher
  3. Internet Explorer 4 or higher (I'll write something for Firebird later)
  4. An understanding that this procedure is followed at entirely your own risk. This worked fine on my computer, but I'm not guaranteeing anything.

Note: This procedure requires you to edit your Windows registry, which is not really all that scary, but I highly recommend you backup your registry! If you're not comfortable with editing your registry, either get someone to help you, or give this a miss use the installer program mentioned above.

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January 13, 2004

Typepad Blogging Tool

Fellow Typepadder Alex Hung is writing a blogging application for Typepad in C#. This is a brilliant idea, as none of the currently available applications, like Zempt or w.bloggar, work exactly right for Typepad.

UPDATE: Matt Berther has directed me to his Movable Poster application. It's very cool, and has the bonus of having built-in plugins for aggregator programs to enable you to blog directly from an RSS feed.

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January 10, 2004

God help us

I agree with Andy, this is sickening beyond words.

Law officers launched a manhunt across the Southeast on Thursday for a jealous ex-husband who allegedly shot three former in-laws to death, strangled his infant daughter and fled with three little girls.

Yes, the days truly are evil

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