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December 27, 2003


Johnny Cash: Hurt (quicktime - 400 x 300, 9 mb) I'm sure many of you have already heard this song, but if you haven't seen the video, you have to watch it, it's brilliant.

For the uninitiated, this was Cash's last video before he died, it's a cover of a Nine Inch Nails song.It won Single of the Year & Music Video of the Year at the 2003 American Country Music Awards and was nominated for 6 mtv awards.

[via markromanek]

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December 24, 2003

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you have a great time with family & friends.

Slaven Family

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Pregnancy Blogs

I've discovered two new blogs today: Sarah & Will Sansbury's Our Little Lima Bean and The Adams Family.

Both are blogs journaling their families' pregnancies. I think this is a great idea, and a brilliant use of Typepad. I should have thought of doing this myself. Oh well, maybe next time (that's assuming my wife gets her way!).

Thanks to both families for sharing these experiences with us, the blogging community.

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December 19, 2003

FeedDemon is on sale!

Nick Bradbury has announced that FeedDemon 1.0 is now on sale. It's currently going for an introdutory price of US$29.95 (~ AU$43.00), which is dirt cheap for a great program like this. Go buy a copy now! Or download the trial version.

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December 17, 2003

UN can't help Iraq


To: People who cry Give the reconstruction effort in Iraq to the UN

From: Secretary General Kofi Annan

"I think the UN has done as much as it can for Iraq," Annan told reporters. "So quite honestly I don't think today is the time to hurl accusations."

At least Annan understands that the UN can't actually help people who need it. Let's see what it is that the UN has 'done' for Iraq.

  1. Institute useless sanctions that gave Saddam the cover to slaughter more of his people while blaming the west.
  2. Run away when attacked

Yep, that's about all the UN could do for them.

By the way, if Mr Annan could let us know when is the right day for hurling accusations that would be appreciated. Maybe it could be instituted as another 'World <insert some cause here> Day'. I know a lot of people who'd gladly participate in a 'World point-out-how-useless-the-UN-is Day'.

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December 16, 2003

New Random Design

Keith, (aka. random), has done a redesign of his Typepad blog, using the ample design skills of Colleen (aka une very stylish fille). It's looking very good, kudos to Colleen for a very good job.

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December 15, 2003

Got him

Yes, we got him. Sadam Hussein will never again be able to torture, terrorise & kill. Iraq is one step closer to peace & the whole world has one less psychopath running around in it. All in all this is a good day.

I think Paul Bremer's one line summation of the situation will be one of the most replayed lines over the next few days. Ladies and gentlemen, we got him. I mentioned before how much I like Bremer, he has a pragmatic, non-nonsense streak that appeals to me.

Peggy Noonan from the Opinion Journal had these fine words to say on the issue:

You can move forward. You can take action. You can go in and remove a threat to the world. You can make the world safer. You can help people. Just because they live in Iraq and we don't bump into them every day doesn't mean they don't merit assistance and even sacrifice.

So very true.

[via Fine? Why Fine?]

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December 12, 2003

FeedDemon is done

Feed Demon is complete, it should be available for sale next week.

Congratulations Nick, it's a fine piece of software.

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December 11, 2003

I'm back

Well, I'm back at work after 2 weeks off for the birth of our son Elijah.

Elijah at the hospital First I would like to thank all those who offered congratulations to myself & my wife. Thankyou, we are all doing well, and my daughter (21 mths) loves having a baby brother.

Despite having already gone through this once, I'm finding it almost as daunting the second time around, although I am worring less about the little things that happen, like I don't think he's dying if he sneezes a couple of times!

So what did I miss while I was away? I haven't kept up with all the blogs & I highly doubt I'll get the time to trawl through everyone's archives to get myself up-to-date. Anything interesting?

Just to get going again, here's a few interesting things I found this morning:

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