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November 29, 2003

I have an heir!

Sorry, I haven't been around much lately, my wife just gave birth to our second child, a son! I've taken 2 weeks off work so I'm not near a computer much, so no blogging for a while, just nappies to deal with.

Photos will be coming once I get them developed & scanned.

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November 17, 2003

The Matrix, retrospectively

Well, I did it, I went and saw revolutions over the weekend. While I'm not going to rip into it as others have done (spoiler warnings), I must say it was not the conclusion of the trilogy that I would have preferred. What happened wasn't nearly as disappointing as what didn't happen. Too many loose ends, too many questions of a purely practical nature were completely ignored. Like Where did Zion get food & water from? And what was with all the tatty clothes when they were able to construct machines like they did?

Why were Zion's defences so pathetic, why no EMP in the dock & why have those ridiculous mech-type machines rather than some more practical type of defensive system. The whole defensive system was designed to be melodramatic rather than practically defensive, which, seeing as it's a movie is OK. But if the Wachowski bros wanted us to believe in the reality they constructed, a little attention to detail on these things would have been appreciated.

I went in there not expecting to be amazed by the story, so I was in no way disappointed. At the end of the day it was a fun ride & my $12 was well spent to see Hugo Weaving be brilliant once again as Agent Smith. "Mr Anderson, welcome back. We missed you".

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November 10, 2003


The folks who are bringing you PHPEdit have written a brilliant little application called RegExpEditor. With this you can test any regular expression (that would normally be executed by the preg_match function). This app won't only be useful the PHP programmers though, as PHP uses the Perl regex (with a few variations) this is a great program.

It's free to download if you're a registered user on the PHPEdit Community (which is free to register on too). This is going to save me so much time. The ability to test a regex without having to upload it to the server is great.

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Horrible, horrible things need to be done to this bastard.

Kosowicz is accused of sexually assaulting and killing the girl, whose body was found dumped on a riverbank just 200m from her family's mobile home at Lansvale in Sydney's southwest on Saturday.

Excuse me, I have to go hug my daughter.

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November 07, 2003

Gracenotworks is back

Yay! The pixellated sheep is back. One of the best Christian websites, with honest discussions on difficult topics., about as boring as the gospel!

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November 06, 2003

Verse of the Day autopost offer

Since moving over from my Movable Type blog, there has really been only one thing that I missed, and that was the ability to have the bible verse of the day on the site. This was pulled from the ESV Verse of the Day RSS feed, and then included on the site. Since Typepad doesn't have server-side scripting I wasn't able to do this.

Borrowing from the system I came up with to create the daily quote that is up the top of this blog, I've now got a script that creates a post on this blog containing the verse of the day. The script runs at 1:00am Sydney time (which is currently GMT+11 hours thanks to daylight savings) every day.

I'd like to offer this as a free service to anyone who's interested. Note, this will only work for people using blog software that can accept the metaWeblog XML-RPC API. TypePad & Movable Type both accept this, others will need to check with the makers of your blogging software.

Continue reading Verse of the Day autopost offer...

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Microsoft puts a $250,000 bounty on virus creators

Microsoft has announced that they are commiting US$5million dollars to what they call the Anti-Virus Reward Program. Under the program, Microsoft are putting bounties on the heads of virus writers. The first bounties are US$250,000 each for the creators of the Sobig & the MSBlast.A viruses. The bounties will be paid to people who provide information that leads to the arrest and conviction of hackers who create viruses and worms.

Microsoft issued a press release on November 5th stating that they were entering into a partnership with the FBI, the Secret Service & Interpol in an effort to try and catch the creators of viruses.

Representatives of three law enforcement agencies, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Secret Service and Interpol, today joined Microsoft at the National Press Club news conference, where the company provided details of the reward program.

"The malicious distribution of worms and viruses, such as MSBlast and Sobig, are far from victimless crimes," said Keith Lourdeau, Acting Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI Cyber Division. "Such attacks on the Internet cost businesses worldwide millions - some estimates claim billions - of dollars and wreak havoc on individuals by ruining files, hard drives and other critical data. We intend to vigorously pursue the perpetrators of these crimes, and we hope to see additional industry-government collaboration to identify these individuals."

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November 04, 2003

Wiki Wiki Wiki

Sitepoint has a great article on What is a Wiki?, explaining what a wiki is (duh), a bit of history on them and just what they can do. The brilliant thing about wikis is their ability to allow you to collaborate easily on website without the need for people to know HTML, or even have to set up user accounts.

To be able to get a handle on wikis, there is a single-file program called Notebook that you can download to run on your local computer (you don't need a webserver). This is great to get a feel for how a wiki works, and it also works well as a personal ideas manager where you can store just about anything you like. Download it and try it out.

Some interesting examples of wikis on the web:

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