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With a final salvo, Mahathir departs

Posted on October 22, 2003 at 09:28 AM in Australia | Permalink

I think Mahathir has finally lost it. He says that it's not because of him that there's been trouble between Australia & Malaysia, especially refering to Keating's recalcitrant comment. Well, if he stoped being so recalcitrant the comment wouldn't have been needed. (As an aside, wasn't it Keating who recently had a go a Howard for giving us a bad name is South-East Asia?) And apprantly the fact that people were offended at his comment that Jews rule the world proves that Jews rule the world. Then he spoke of his fantasies of holding hands with George Bush:

Dr Mahathir denied reports he had been rebuked by President George Bush for his remarks. A White House official told US journalists that Mr Bush had taken Dr Mahathir aside on Monday to tell him his comments were "wrong and divisive".

But Dr Mahathir claimed Mr Bush had, in fact, apologised for making such harsh public criticisms of him. "Later we walked virtually hand in hand together," he said.

Of course, sure you did.

He also had a go at Australia over the Aboriginals:

Resurrecting a familiar slight, Dr Mahathir went on: "We had a very good history of treating our aborigines, for example. We didn't shoot them dead. We didn't commit genocide."

Malaysia didn't commit genocide? Good, neither did we. However, Malaysia's majority Malay population control the government, the minority ethnic Chinese, Indian & Tribal populations are discriminated against. Sunni Islam is the state religion and while the other ethnic groups are allowed to have freedom of religion, it is effectively illegal for Malays to convert from Islam and it is illegal to attempt to convert Malays to any other religion. There is no separation of church & state.

Malaysia has a long history of human rights violations, check out the articles on Human Rights Watch, Amnesty and Business & Human Rights.

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