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The Matrix: Revolutions

Posted on October 2, 2003 at 03:37 PM in Film | Permalink

November 5, the beginning ends. Have a look at the theatrical trailer if you haven't already seen it. Hugo Weaving does malevolence so well.

Agent Smiths

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You'd think I'd be really excited... its even coming out on my birthday! but for some reason the last one was such a letdown. I'll still go see it but I'm just more geeked for Return of The King.

# Posted by: Joel ( at Oct 3, 2003 1:31:52 AM

"We missed you", cracked me up. I thought II rocked, went in for some good entertainment and was well rewarded. Will do the same for III, can't wait.

# Posted by: Paul Watson ( at Oct 3, 2003 8:25:34 AM

I'm looking forward to both really.

I loved the "We missed you" line too, Agent Smith is such a great character.

# Posted by: Glenn Slaven ( at Oct 3, 2003 9:49:01 AM

I didn't think Matrix 2 was a letdown. But that's me. A movie has to be really bad for me to not like it.

# Posted by: Swami Prem ( at Oct 3, 2003 4:20:22 PM

The Matrix Revolutions: Rama-Kandra

What you need to know about Rama-Kandra before you see Revolutions....

"You have the sight now Neo.
You are looking at the world without time."

The Oracle, Matrix Reloaded

What does it mean to look at the world without time? What does time have to do with the Matrix Trilogy?
Email Your Beliefs, my answer to follow...

# Posted by: The Matrix Blog, Links & Commentary ( at Nov 2, 2003 4:00:24 PM

matrix reloaded, worst movie ever.

# Posted by: adam ( at Nov 6, 2003 7:43:26 PM

Matrix Revolutions was a great movie until the last ten minutes. The directors of this movie gave the worst possible ending they could have ever gave. Anything would have been better then giving no answers. The last ten minutes made me and alot of other people angry and lost all interest in the three movies all together. Way to GO!

# Posted by: cd cold ( at Nov 7, 2003 3:19:01 PM

I really enjoyed Matrix, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions... best movies ever.

There 're a lot of people wich didn't like Reloaded, but it has to be seen like half a movie, Reloaded only make sense with Revolutions.

The hole story is a little dificult to understand, but i 've seen some times each of the episodes, and i got it all. People are sad because they didn't understand, or maybe, a missing happy-ending is what they would like to see, but for me, this movie was made to be different, unique, thats why i really like it, even if the end isn't what i was wishing to be.

See you all !

# Posted by: KK ( at Nov 18, 2003 2:33:42 PM

"I wish the real world would just stop hassling me" - Rob Thomas