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Using w.bloggar with TypePad on 'Unofficial TypePad Resources'

Posted on September 5, 2003 at 09:40 AM in Weblogs | Permalink

I am now a co-author of the Unofficial TypePad Resources blog setup by snowman. The site is designed to show TypePadders some tips & tricks that probably aren't going to get mentioned on the official TypePad resources page Everything Typepad. Hopefully it can also show you non-TypePadders what TypePad can do.

My first article is a brief rundown on how to use w.bloggar with TypePad.

Unofficial TypePad Resources, where to go when you want to know!

In other TypePad news, snowman has also set up Scrabblog, a Scrabble Blog!

Every day, I'll be updating the site with another set of 7 random Scrabble tiles. Make the highest scoring words you can and post them in the comments. Obviously, there are those who may feel the need to cheat, but ultimately you'll just be cheating yourself, and there's no fun in that.

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hey Glenn,

wish your artcle were there sooner because seting up w.bloggar to work with TP was a pain for me - but it was worth it and it was also good to figure out some things myself.

Thanks for poining Brian's review on Warren's book. I wonder if The Purpose Driven Way To Make Money Selling Fluffy Books is the next one on the series. Let's just hope he doesn't get the idea to write a book together w/LaHaye.

# Posted by: Switch ( at Sep 7, 2003 9:50:48 AM

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