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Sept 11

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Dean, the admin at blogs4God has written a moving piece on his emotions concerning Sept 11 2001 & one picture in particular of a man jumping from the burning towers.

Who is this person; this person jumping from the World Trade Center? Why did these savages kill you? What can I do in your memory? How is it that you were elected to perish while I was allowed to flourish? When will this pain go away?

I hate this, this attack on our Country. No longer can I walk out on a crisp, cloudless September morning and not be reminded of the exact same conditions on that horrible exacting day.

I hate this, this attack on our peace. You cowards, you bastards! I had no beef with you. Why did you force me to take sides? Didn't you know I would beat my plowshares into swords and take the fight to you?

Well said.

He concludes that The only way you're going to get over the hopelessness of horrible day is by realizing that God is in control. On this day, it is that one thing which is so difficult to do that is the only thing that can enable us to endure it.

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