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Barbaric laws

Posted on September 1, 2003 at 09:53 AM in Not Australia | Permalink

Words cannot express how utterly disgusted I am with the Islamic Sharia legal system. For the heinous crime of having a child outside of marriage Amina Lawal is facing execution. And not just hanging or beheading, no, she has to suffer for this sin.

33-year-old Amina Lawal could be wrapped in a white shroud, taken to a killing ground and buried in sand up to her neck.

The Islamic court that convicted Lawal would choose men to pick through a truckload of rocks for stones big enough to cause pain - but not big enough to kill her with one blow.

Then, on the executioner's signal, they would hurl them at the trapped woman's head until her skull cracked.

(Hat Tip Slatts)

Where are the people crying out about our 'tortuous' treatment of refugees? Is this not worse? Or is it because this is a decision of a different culture, we can't question it? That's the Muslim way and who are we to say it's wrong. Those who suggest that we cannot introduce western culture & education into these countries because it will "damage their culture" need to read this

The law is so out of sync with reality that Lawal's attorney, Amina Musa Yawuri, argued that a baby can gestate in a woman's womb for five years, making it possible for little Wasila to be the child of Lawal's ex-husband.

Yawuri entered this implausible defence because Lawal's alleged lover says he is not Wasila's father. And in a court system where DNA evidence is unheard of and a man's word trumps a woman's, he has not been charged with a crime.

Is that a system worth defending?

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