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Edwards on Terrorisim

Posted on August 26, 2003 at 01:59 PM in Not Australia, Weblogs | Permalink

An outstanding article by Steve Edwards on the differing views of the root causes of terrorism in light of the recent attack on the UN, commenting on the recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald by Gerard Henderson.

There is no "root cause" for crime other than the sick minds of criminals. People who kill people, or themselves, through their own irresponsible or terroristic actions have only themselves to blame. Period. There is no difference between a suicide bomber and someone like Martin Bryant. Both have no respect for human lives whatsoever, and are not out to prove anything to the world other than "I can cause murderous violence". If there is a difference it is that legions of sanctimonious academics are willing to excuse the activities of suicide bombers as they appear to be a "legitimate response" to a real and "existing evil".

I would only draw one distinction, I feel that there is a root cause of sorts; these people do this because they believe they are doing what God wants. Disabuse them of this idea that it is God's will to go out slaughtering people and most of the attacks would stop. Yes, there will always be psycho fanatics who just like killing people, but without the "eternal reward", most people would not be willing to throw away their lives just for the 'fun' of killing. I'm not talking about going out and forcing people to convert from Islam or anything, but the Muslim scholars that advocate peace need to be given a louder voice by the west.

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