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More legal stupidity

Posted on August 20, 2003 at 04:42 PM in Australia | Permalink

I am so sick of our idiotic legal system. Why does a killer get $300,000 in compensation for killing someone when the family of his victim are only entitled to $50,000? More to the point, why does he get anything?

Within hours of being released from a psychiatric hospital, Kevin Presland stabbed his prospective sister-in-law to death, nearly decapitating her in his frenzy. Yesterday, he was set to receive $300,000 in damages, after the Supreme Court found Hunter Area Health Service and a psychiatric registrar had breached their duty of care by failing to detain him in Newcastle's James Fletcher psychiatric hospital.

One more ridiculous example of people trying to shift the blame for their own actions. I think the mother of the victim sums up my opinion well:

"Don't give it to him," said Christine Laws. "Put it back into the mental health system to help people . . . It was his choice to take marijuana, his choice to drink - nobody else's. No one made him do it, yet the system sees fit to pay him. I can't understand the law."

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