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Chopper "artwork" purchased

Posted on August 27, 2003 at 04:02 PM in Australia | Permalink

Oh for the love of all that's sacred. More taxpayer money is going to Mark "Chopper" Read. This time by the State Library of Victoria for the purchase of a self portrait by the murderer comparing himself with Ned Kelly.

"The painting is important to the collection because it represents a contemporary interpretation of Ned Kelly and the state library has a very important collection of Ned Kelly material," the library's director of collections and services Shane Carmody said. "We feel it is important to add to that collection so that people can see how Ned Kelly is interpreted through the years."

The glorification of criminals in this country has now stooped to a new low. Don't get me started on the glorification of Ned Kelly. But at least he had a cause of sorts. Read is just a cold-blooded murderer. Why do we care that he thinks he's like Ned Kelly, and more to the point, why are we paying for it?

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