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Stolen, me?

Posted on July 10, 2003 at 10:21 AM in Australia, Television | Permalink

I wonder if anyone saw New Dimensions on the ABC with George Negus last night (UPDATE: Transcript available (Hat tip: Gareth)). They're running a series on Aboriginal culture as it's NAIDOC week. Mostly the show was quite good, focusing on an amazing woman who fosters children. She's "fostered over 100 other kids over the past 15 years and runs a home child day-care business as well." Other items were an Aboriginal modelling agency set up to stop the kids from paint sniffing that has now had models on the international scene, and a group of Aboriginal footy players from the Fremantle Dockers. All very inspiring and uplifting stories.

Unfortunately the one other item on the show was an interview with Alec Ross who George introduced as a member of the 'stolen generation'. Alec the proceeded to deny he was stolen, he was actually taken away for health reasons & his mother seems to have been somewhat unstable. But no mind, George wouldn't take no for an answer, he kept pressing Alec about how badly he was treated at the barracks. No actually Alec was thankful for his time there, it enabled him to get a better start in life. Well George continues, what about the other kids there, some of them were stolen weren't they? No, they all were ok, some of them complained about being there, but then kids always complain. All in all it showed George's desperate need to find a member of the 'stolen generation' and yet being unable to do so. While Alec conceded that others may have been stolen, he said that the intent of the government of the time was to do good for the kids, not to attempt genocide as we are constantly told.

Hopefully the ABC site will have a transcript up soon that I can link to.

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Just stopping by (I'm another TypePad tester) and was interested in your post. I know next to nothing about the culture of the native peoples of Australia. I've only read a few books but I'm wondering if you'd know a good place to start in studying race-relations in Australia?

# Posted by: Joel Blain ( at Jul 10, 2003 10:46:13 AM

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