Battling school yard bullying

20 April 2004, 10:36 AM in Bullying

Today Tonight had an item on last night about a boy who's been to four different primary schools in the last six years due to the bullying he's been receiving. These have been both public schools and a Catholic primary school.

"I'm scared they're gonna attack me with sticks and hurt me," Beau said.

"They've locked me in garbage bins and rammed my head into the ground. Punched me in the ribs, kicked me in the stomach [and] broken my wrist."

This is appalling, and it has apparently gotten so bad now, the Department of Education has said that the Beau will be getting a support person with him to act as a bodyguard.

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SMS bullying

6 April 2004, 8:38 AM in Bullying, School Discipline

Ah, modern technology. Is it not wonderful? The way it enables all of us to do our everyday tasks that little bit easier

Schools are now having to implement rules for how to deal with SMS bullying, and also the issue of camera phones in toilets and change rooms.

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