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Tassie oposition pledges smaller classes

13 April 2004, 12:14 PM in Current Affairs

The Tasmanian Opposition has said that it wants the state Labor Government to use some of it's expected $80 million budget surplus to fund smaller class sizes in Tasmanian public schools.

The Opposition's spokesman for education, Peter Gutwein, says the Liberal Party is committed to introducing a cap of 25 students for grades two through to six. He says while presently prep and grade one classes are capped at 25 students, his party would cap them at 20.
"When we announced our class size policy we costed it at around $13 million, so the money is there and all that we are asking for is for education to get its fair share."

If there will indeed be an $80 million surplus and if $13 million is what this scheme would cost, then it sounds like a good idea. Reducing class sizes is almost always a good idea.



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