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Affair teacher awarded compo for 'psychological injury'

6 April 2004, 8:50 AM in Current Affairs

'Affair' teacher's compo to spark law change

A teacher who was sacked for having an affair with a student was awarded almost $28,000 compensation for stress .... Jeff Sinclair was removed from the classroom of a Sydney high school in 2001 and given an administrative job after allegations he was having an affair with teenage student Nicki Shackle. He is 33 years her senior.

When I read about this, I was disgusted. It doesn't matter whether they had sex or not. A romantic relationship between a teacher and student, which neither of them deny, is unacceptable. As the department said, it breaches the trust that is essential between teacher and student.

It is no wonder to me that the profession of teaching is given such a bad rap when these types of events occur. How do we get parents to trust teachers when teachers have relationships with students (even if it’s not sexual) and not only get away with it, but are given compensation for psychological injury when they're disciplined for the relationship?

If the law does allow this kind of relationship to occur, it needs changing.



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